Message from the Presidents

Message from the Presidents

At the conclusion of our monthly meeting last evening, I advised the Board that I would be resigning as President and Board member, effective immediately.

A motion was made to nominate Samantha Williams to the position of President. Once Samantha agreed to stand for the nomination, the motion was seconded and the Board unanimously accepted the motion.

In the very near future it is anticipated that the Board will appoint a TTGC member in good standing to the Board to fill the one current vacant seat.

During my terms acting as Secretary and President respectively, I have enjoyed serving the Board and the Membership to the best of my ability. It has been a learning and a very rewarding experience. I sincerely thank all of those members who supported me during my tenure.

I, as well as the balance of the Board, have all the confidence in the world in Samantha’s abilities to steer the ship in the right direction to help ensure the longevity of our Club. Samantha is eager to take on this new role and I trust, you as Members, will extend your congratulations to her and fully support her in her new position.

Thank you again Members as we hopefully all work together to make TTGC a place that everyone will enjoy visiting and enjoying for many years to come.

Dan Bailey, Past President

First and foremost I’d like to thank Dan for all his hard work and dedication to his positions on the TTGC Board of Directors through the years. His tenure was not without some rough times and hard decisions, and he handled every situation with the disposition of a respected and seasoned leader.

I have accepted this position with appreciation of the rich history, anticipation for the future, and drive for the success of Talbot Trail Golf Club.

Samantha Williams, Current President

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